10 gorgeous looks featuring big box braids

When you are looking for a more convenient hairstyles to do, then allow me to say that big box braid is best for you. First of all, big, full and rich box braids will give you that special effortlessly presentable look you crave.

Big box braids look fantastic in simple downdos, letting demonstrate the full length of these superb chunky braids. One of the most popular styles is when your take a few braids from the front section above your forehead and twist them to fix behind your ear. There are ways to add fun to your box braids...

Add embellishments to your box braids just to make it look nicer and more pretty. It goes a long way to bringing out its beauty.

Think of mixing up extensions with grey or white color depending on which you prefer most. This adds beauty and ardour to the hairdo.

This is just very simple, done with just one black color. It still isn't bad to behold.

Color mixed up with wine red, I usually go for wine red extensions because I believe they fit best but mixing it up with black isn't bad at all.

Rocking a box braids with an O'chanel earring isn't like climbing mountais, it just makes your face bolder than normal

This is Mercy Johnson rocking a box braids while she's been featured on a movie set. Looks quite pretty and nice on her.

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