One must not necessarily be in a styling mood like all the time.  There are times you won't even be in that mood or your running short of time or your rushing off to somewhere for an emergency,  you won't cover your braids up but there are simple ways you can just quickly brush your braids by the side or go for an Updo knot popularly known as "bun" just to get going. 
Beyonce looked terrific in the first pic and it just seems like she took the whole time in World doing that.  Ofcourse her stylist definitely gave her that look.  But what if your just in no mood to style up your braids? A sure thing to do will just be pulling them all behind and tying them up with about four single braids,  that not a difficult task you know...... Or you can just mess them up in a knot style.  The pics literally said it all

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