AFRICAN BRAIDS (Zigzag -like weave)

Whatever I sought for when I made this hair is what I can't prick my brain to remember but I know I actually sought for something out of just ordinary.  Had to explain with the last oozed strength in me for the stylist to comprehend and give me exactly as I wanted it.
Choosing a particular hairstyle to braid can be quite exhausting especially when you have no idea on what to even do to the hair.  Anyways,  the outcome was very exhilarating and exciting for me.  The way I literally rushed come with beams on my face just to go show off the head.
Was glad the hair fitted but happier when most of my friends in school loved it.  Two of my friends had to book an appointment with the stylist.  Yes,  nothing spectacular about it but it really gave me an extraordinary awesome look.  OK that's it.......


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