Baltimore woman demands $225,000 in damages from mayor and city contractors after her toilet exploded and left her covered in feces

A woman whose toilet exploded is suing her mayor and council, claiming she suffered 'emotional and physical anguish' when she was knocked over and covered in feces in the blast.

Angela Wright was using the toilet when it erupted in West Baltimore in November 2014 after backing up and exploding 'with great force and violence',The Baltimore Sun reports. The lawsuit alleges the city and mayor, as well as contractors Spiniello Companies Inc and Heitkamp Inc, are responsible for the accident.

Wright claims the incident led to 'mental anguish', and 'loss of enjoyment of her usual pursuits and past times', and she is seeking $225,000 - $75,000 from each defendant.While rare, there are previous incidents of toilets having exploded - usually due to a buildup of flammable gases.

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