Caitlyn Jenner admits Ted Cruz would be bad for the LGBT community, said Hw would be Worst

The star spoke at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills on Tuesday, and revealed her feelings towards her current top pick in the race to the White House are mixed ones. Caitlyn - who has shocked many recently thanks to her conservative views - said Cruz needs her help.

She said: 'I never said I endorsed Ted Cruz, I said I like him. He is a constitutionalist and I think we have to get out country back to something like that.'Her support comes with a big 'but', however. 'Out of all the candidates I also feel that as far as the LGBT community [is concerned] he would probably be the worst. And need the most help.

Offering herself and her I Am Cait co-stars' help, the reality star said 'we're all here ready to go'.' So from that stand point there would be a lot of issues like that [but] we have to keep our country strong and a constitutional country and that's one of the reasons I liked him because of his views to fix the country not his views in Trans issues.' And if Cruz became the Republican candidate, she 'would be at his front door to help him' with these issues. Cait had previously offered to be Cruz's 'Trans ambassador', but seems the politician is not looking to fill that role.'

Have they contacted me, no. Which I was kind of surprised.'While she questioned his understanding on Trans issues, Cruz seems still to be her pick over Donald Trump. Despite previously saying the Trump was not out there to 'destroy women', the former Olympian admitted the candidate's position remains undefined. Cait said at the press conference: 'Honestly, I have not figured out what Donald Trump's position is on so many of the issues. I'll listen to him talk, he'll talk about this and that, he will be great for women's issues he says, but then he doesn't say how. I don't know, we'll see what happens.'

Caitlyn was not so keen to talk about her thoughts on Hilary Clinton after previously slamming her as a 'f**king liar' but then, on Monday, was photographed embracing the Democratic candidate.


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