Celine Dion Did the Unthinkable After Watching Ariana Grande's Spot-On Impression of Her

Ariana Grande can certainly sing and dance, but boy can she impersonate others like nobody's business too! Whether hosting Saturday Night Live or playing games   onThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the "Focus" singer has remained spot-on with her renditions of a few famous faces.If you're just a little like us, you've probably wondered what the stars think when they spy Ariana impersonating them.

As it turns,Celine Dion gets a giant kick out of it."No, no, no!" Ariana shared with Elvis Duran when asked if anyone is insulted by the impressions.  "When I met Celine she told me, she was like, ‘When I saw you, I peed!'" Amazing!"I'm just a big fan,"

Ariana explained when asked how she prepares for such fun tasks. "I'm a really big fan." had the most fun in my whole entire life… It was really fun," she shared on Elvis' iHeartRadio radio show. "It was one of the most exhausting and overwhelming weeks of my life, but every single moment was so much fun and I had the best time

Source: E-news

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