This is something i'v always pondered on.
Why it should happen is the what I don't know understand....
I detest this so much and I have little likeness for people this attitude is part of.
They literally behave as if it's the inherent in them.
This is even selfishness at its peak..
The height of sheer wickedness
Why do people even do that?
Why will you give someone green light and make them fall deeply in love with you when you know from the onset that you have absolutely nothing to offer them???
This is even the major reason why it's always advisable to know exactly what someone wants from you before starting anything with them.....
Some might want just pure fun but you won't know if you don't present your queries from the start of it all.
My Sister's girlfriend was once a victim
She dated this is guy close to 10years only  for this guy to suggest her marrying his cousin..... What kind of mundane talk was that?
Some hard-hearted ladies won't even take such from any man.  Like seriously,  you wasted 10years of someone's life only to recommend your cousin to marry her?? ¤
Heard another story of where the guy In question told the Lady she was just like a sister to him.  What baffled me in this case was whether he can do sex with his sister just like he did with the lady.  Oh!  She was just like a sister and they have been living together for some years.  People will always look for the slightest excuse to dump your ass but they can only succeed when you provided room for that.
Can remember this guy I tried so much to love but it wasn't working.  I know I tried enough but I couldn't....  What I didn't do was wasting his time.  True I gave him toughest time that i'v ever given any guy,  he just kept coming back.  Really had to talk sense into him.  Not like am even dating someone but I just couldn't see that spark when you are with that special someone.....  Everything he does was only boring me out but funny enough,  this guy is one of the nicest person on planet earth...... My girlfriend will say it's because I haven't tasted other guys,  that's why am branding him the nicest but if you see a nice guy,  he can't pretend his way into it.
So what am saying is this,  wasting someone ''s time is the worst thing you can ever do to him/her. If within you,  you're so sure that relationship won't work,  then you two should ball outta it,  tell yourselves the truth and free yourselves.  Way better than self deceit

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