Ghana and Nigeria's movie industry are the same - Majid

For sometime now, this question whether there is a difference between Ghanaian movie industry and that of Nigerian industry has been asked over and over again. According to Majid Michel who has worked in both industries for years, he explained that there is no difference between the two industries in terms of money and that it all depends on the value an actor put on for him/herself .

when asked by Akwasi Aboagye on Peace Fm whether there is any difference between the two industries, he said, “For me I think they are all the same. It basically depends on the value you put on yourself as an individual and your negotiation power. He continued, “We are not been paid what we deserve, we are paid according to your negotiation power and the value you put on yourself.’ He disclosed.

Talking about issues of piracy, he said piracy favours actors more than the producers’ reason being piracy makes actors more popular”. He said,“Piracy makes the actor famous but the producer loses money, because with piracy the movie gets to every corner”. He ended.

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