This is generally caused by poor hair treatment ,  when you don't treat your hair well enough,  you care less about the kind of chemicals you utilize while taking care of your hair,  this will result greatly to hair loss and breakages.

I suffered from this kinda thing.  There was even a time my hair color drastically changed.  It automatically turned into a color I can't even say and trust me,  it was really bad for business..... Lol.  Wasn't a cool thing at all. 

There are cost effective remedies to curtail hair breakages,  am just gonna say one today,  and other tips will come much later.   Home remedies for hair breakage should be your number one approach to combat this problem. Most of these remedies are harmless and use only natural products i.e. they are free of harsh and harmful chemicals that might weaken or cause hair dryness, among other side effects.  These remedies, coupled with other good hair care practices such as using protective hairstyles, using right comb, trimming split ends, reducing hot hair process, etc. will ensure you have perfect hair.

The one am gonna write about is applying shea butter.  Nigerians (Yoruba ) call it Ori  (hope I spelt that correctly ), Ummmmm don't know what it's called in Hausa but Igbos sure call it OKUMA.   You see that thing?  It's one of the less expensive things to buy in Nigeria,  and i'v been using this for sometimes now.  It's not harsh but it sure does have a very foul smell. Some people even use it as body lotion. 

There's no unique way of applying this,  just make sure you apply on a very dry hair.  start from your hair root and end with the tips.  Make sure it touches every part of your hairline.  You can apply this on your hair 2-3 times weekly. Just same way you make use of anti-dandruff creams......... You don't even need to wash it off,  allow it to dry up,  This may not work for few people but a lot of people including myself have testified to that effect.  Applying it regularly will help combat hair loss and breakages. 

You know one thing with people is that they don't usually exercise patience when referred to something,  don't expect immediate result,  it will take sometime before you'd see positive results.  
But it's worth trying,  so why don't you give it a trial????

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