Holly Hagan claims her Geordie Shore co-star Chloe Ferry had too many cosmetics procedures in a very short space of time

Holly Hagan has made no secret of the fact that she's indulged in plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments, and it was recently revealed that she has spent £6,234 on changing her image since 2011.

But whilst she has no regrets from any of her past procedures - which have included two breast augmentations and lip fillers - she believes that co-star Chloe Ferry went overboard with her transformation.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline the 23-year-old reality star admitted: 'I think at one point she did go a little bit too far.'

Post-surgery: Holly Hagan (L) who has been open about her plastic surgeries procedures has voiced her concerns over fellow co-star Chloe Ferry for overdoing the cosmetic treatments in a short period

Post surgery: Chloe Ferry has drastically altered her appearance

Explaining that her 21-year-old co-star was somewhat naive in her approach to surgery, the busty brunette said:.

Despite Chloe's drastic change in appearance, the star's altered look is merely temporary, as Holly explained: 'Luckily these things that she’s getting done aren’t permanent. Things will go down and things will settle.

'She does look great at the minute now that everything's kind of settled down but I think at one point she did go a little bit too far.'

Daily mail 

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