How do I style my boxbraids??? - African Braids

This is very simple.  Just drape the braids on your shoulders,  pick about two or three from each side,  pull others back and tie loosely behind.  And when that is done,  the outcome is what your gazing at. 
OK, this isn't as complex as it looks.  First step is packing up to get ponytail.  Then from the pony base,  drop it forward down to your ear, left or right,  any that suits you..... Then wrap it around like you wanna twist,  downward rotation and then drag the tail(braid) and tuck it on the pony base. 
Half bun: this is probably the most popular way to style your box braids into a chic Updo.  The major advantage of buns is the variability.  High buns can be bulky or more compact,  loose,  tight,  simple or with elements of braiding 

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