I prefer the before picture': Iggy Azalea hits out at fashion magazine as she claims they edited her pictures to make her skinnier

She sent pulses racing after she stripped down to just sheer boned slip in a nude hue and pair of briefs for Schon magazine.

But whilst Iggy Azalea was flooded with compliments for the racy photograph, she was quick to point out that the image was not a true representation of her body, as she claimed it had been airbrushed.

Taking to Twitter to share a before and after snap on Thursday, she wrote: 'love it, but i much prefer the picture before they photoshopped my thighs and hips to seem skinnier [sic]'

Placing the images side by side the retouched version appeared to show visibly leaner legs and amore defined waist whilst the creases on her slip had also been removed.

The star's make-up had seemingly been enhanced to give her face a more chiseled appearance, whilst bizarrely, her belly button also appeared to have been removed post-edit.

Asked by a fan why the photograph had been edited, she responded: 'no clue - but im very happy with my body the size it is and prefer it that way. [sic]'

MailOnline have contacted Schon magazoine for comment.

See her tweet below 

Body confident: Iggy claimed that she preferred the original photographs where her hips and thighs seemed to be larger and more define

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