Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Tongue Kiss In Racy Date Night Pic — Ewwww

During date night on March 12, the couple proved that their flame is still burning bright — using their tongues! See their nasty, racy pic right here!If there was any question whetherJessica Simpson, 35, and hubby Eric Johnson, 36, are still into each other, they certainly put those doubts to rest! When they had a super lovey-dovey date night on March 12, Eric and Jess took French kissing to a whole new level.

In fact, Jessica and Eric didn’t even use their lips…they just let their tongues do the talking!Jess shared a pic of herself and Eric from their night out, in which Eric has his arms wrapped around his wife while he plants on on her. But instead of giving Jessica a sweet smooch, Eric totally licked her with his big tongue! To make things even grosser, though, Jess went right along with it and stuck her tongue out too. Yep, they locked tongues instead of lips! Despite how icky the pic may have looked, apparently Jess totally loved touching tongues with her hubby. She captioned her Instagram picture “DATE NIGHT,” along with a red lips emoji that has us thinking she didn’t think their tongue kiss was too out of the ordinary! Although it probably would’ve been more appropriate to use the smiley emoji with its tongue sticking out!


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