Jilted lover, 42, sues her 86-year-old 'sugar daddy' for $1.5M claiming that he said he would provide for her 'for therest of her life'

The ex of a wealthy 86-year-old New York art collector is suing her former sugar daddy for financial support 'for the rest of her life'.Daniela Zahradnikova, 42, said in court papers that she and her ex-boyfriend Henry Buhl had a 'partnership agreement' after she moved into his Manhattan loft in 2006.

She said she would fulfill 'all wifely duties and obligations of a domestic nature', including cooking, cleaning and plenty of sex, while Buhl would 'support, maintain and provide for (her) in accordance with his earning capacity for the rest of her life', according to the lawsuit. Though Buhl, who is divorced with adult children, has moved on to another girlfriend, Zahradnikova claims she's still owed$1.5million in unpaid wages. 

Zahradnikova's attorney Michael Barrows said that his client has honored the verbal partnership agreement by cleaning, keeping his books and managing his two boutiques called Space Sixteen, before the retail shops closed last year.But Barrows said Buhl did not keep up his endof the agreement and in February he told Zahradnikova that she had to move out of his 8,000 square-foot SoHo bachelor pad by the end of the month. 
Barrows said that Zahradnikova maintained an 'intimate relationship' with her sugar daddy until at least a few months ago, when he started dating another woman. 
I don't want to have an old girlfriend living here while a new one moves in,' Buhl told the New York Post. 'She's waiting until we eject this Daniela.'He said he's been 'asking her to leave for the last two or three years'.'She wanted to get a full time job because shewasn't making enough to rent an apartment,' he added. 'Now we have asked her to leave by the end of the month. So she filed a lawsuit. I'm disappointed.' 
The pair are still sharing the unit, but living on opposite ends of the loft.'I've given her free rent for a long time, for about ten years,' the former executive director of Investors Overseas Service told The Post. 'It never worked.'. 

Barrows told the New York Daily News that Zahradnikova is terrified, adding that 'she doesn't know why he did this'.He said that when Buhl heard that Zahradnikova was going to file a lawsuit, he locked her own of her closets and his office within the loft. Buhl said he laughed when he realized she couldn't get her clothes.'I didn't realize that. I will get her clothes and put them on her bed,' aid the octogenarian.

Buhl is a former banker and now runs a foundation and a non-profit for the homeless, but he is best known for his art collections, including a collection of photos of hands that sold for $12.5million at a 2012 auction.At his home in South Hampton, Buhl has a high-profile collection of sunflowers.   

Zahradnikova, a native of Czechoslovakia, started dating Buhl about ten years ago when he picked her up at the Mercer Hotel, where she was a waitress.She said she was initially attracted to Buhl's soft side and 'looked up to him for his philanthropic deeds', referring to his founding of the Association of Community Employment, which supports the homeless.But Barrows said that Zahradnikova thinks Buhl - who has denied making a partnership agreement with his ex - hasn't been the same since a hospitalization in April 2015. 

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