Learn how to grow out your hair without hair breakages

There's nothing more frustrating as having to think of styling hair that have blatantly refused to grow up. Most times, in such fit of frustration, one may give up and decide to just cut off the hairs. Some ladies will tell you its better to be on low cut than face the issue of hair loss and the rest of it. Have been in such situation myself, mine wasn't just unnecessary hair loss but it totally refused growing up. It doesn't literally prevent me from making any styled braids but for the fact you can't natural hair is what someone wouldn't fancy at all.

So after some researches, I came up with this solution to hair loss. Thinking you can grow your hair up in a week or maybe two weeks is just been delusional because its not just impossible. The average scalp will grow hair one quarter to half inch per month. And realistically, there is nothing out there that will make the natural hair on your head increase in growth speed, but keeping hair healthy does ensure long, undamaged locks that will allow you to hang onto more length. There are some natural products to try out, such as Coconut oil or Castor Oil. Coconut oil works to naturally nourish your scalp and remove product buildup from hair follicles, thus clearing the way for healthy growth. This can be used after using your regular shampoo and conditioner. Heat it up with hot water in a bowl and simply massage into scalp until its completely melted, then wrap it up with towel for maximum impact. 

Its very normal to develop phobia overnight for salons as your in a bid to grow your hair but another important thing to do always while trying to grow your hair is regular hair trimming. Mine isn't better yet but it will one day. I trim like every once in three months. Trimming doesn't grow hair, don't get it twisted but it will help to eliminate rotten split end that will always force you into cutting off chunk of hairs. 

Keeping your hair conditioned can help in the long run. Strands of hair start to thin when they are dehydrated, so use conditioner regularly to replace your shaft proteins. Knowing how to make your hair grow faster includes a daily conditioning treatment that you can remain totally dedicated to. Do not apply too much or make it daily routine. Just do so when necessary as too of it may alter hair color.

Then you really have to always pamper your hair like its royalty. Many women are of the notion that constant brushing of the hair will make it grow but too much of it causes hair breakage. 

There's another local but natural treatment I learnt along my hair loss journey, making use of Shea butter. Its called Nigerian Ori. Mix it up with normal hair cream and massage into the scalp on a dehydrated hair. Make sure there's no water in your hair, once you do that, then use hand dryer to allow it melt properly into your hair. That really is a very useful tip for hair growth.

Finally, avoid items that causes hair breakages or tangles. Also stay clear of hair stylists that have razor blades in their hands. If after making your hair, you discovered its too tight, then complain immediately so your stylist loosens up the braid. Tight braids or weaves usually contribute a whole lot in hair breakages and loss. Be sure to take care of your hair and watch it grow out.

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