Man, 31, who thought he had torn his skin during over-enthusiastic sex actually had penile cancer which has 'robbed him of his manhood'

A man who thought he had damaged his penis through over-enthusiastic sex was horrified to discover he was actually suffering from ultra-rare penile cancer.

Wayne Martin, 31, was diagnosed sqaumous cell carcinoma - a type of skin cancer - which invaded his urethra.He had to undergo a partial penectomy to remove the tumour which means he is no longer able to have penetrative sex. Mr Martin, thought to be one of the youngest sufferers of the disease, was given the all-clear in January after also undergoing radiotherapy. He said the symptoms had been around for about eight months before he was diagnosed on his 29th birthday. 

The government employee of Tallahassee, Florida, described the cut on his penis as initially being like 'torn skin.''It started out like it was torn skin from rough activity, and I just treated it with some antibacterial cream and didn't think anything of it until it started to grow,' he said.'By January 2013, I knew I had an issue when the cut was getting larger.'It was no longer just a rip, but had become a white mass on the bottom of the head.'Mr Martin said the cut became so painful he could not wear tight-fitting underwear and had trouble using the bathroom.He would have up to five baths a day as water was the only thing that soothed it.

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