Was reading threads on Nairaland yesterday and came across a particular one that left me thinking deep.  Thinking deep in the sense that I wondered if the writer suckled his mother's breast at all.
This dude took out his precious time and all he could write was that women should understand that all men cheat and there's nothing anybody can do about it but to accept it that way. (Oh really? ). They should learn to accept the polygamous nature of men as they will always cheat on their wives.  (Hehehehe,  not girlfriend ooooo but wives). He said that women should just get accustomed to that fact. 

What now caught me was when he said women can't do same.  (lolz), and if you divorce your husband because he cheated on you,  then you should be prepared to stay single all your life with no other man casting just a glance your way.  I wondered what he expected after spewing the trash, obviously for people to applaud his stupidity,  but I thank God most people disagreed with him, some even regarded his opinion as not just myopic but been so unfair to women.
Have come across many issues online whereby a Woman is been advised to pray for her unfaithful partner and I usually do not comprehend the bedrock of such advice; A man who cheats on his spouse knows fully well what he's doing and am telling you the fact,there's no place in the Bible that beseech thee to sit and pray for your faithless husband,maybe I haven't really come across such passage but am so sure it exists not.

You know they said common sense is very common yet so many people do not have it.Common sense should tell you that the best advice someone adheres to is one he/she gives to themselves; it's not even the matter of saying, maybe God will touch his heart to repent.... STORY! God won't touch his heart anything, he's the one to apply common sense. He should ask himself of what his kids would probably be thinking of him if they find out the kind of life he lives. He should even ask himself the kind of boys he will eventually bring up if he doesn't stop his wayward life.
Lemme tell you who to pray for as a wife : please direct all your prayers to where your kids are. Pray for God's wisdom on those ones , pray that he gives them the grace to decipher what's wrong and what's right. Pray for inculcation of sense of responsibility in them do they'd turn out to be best members of the society.

If you can't stand a cheating husband,  please do not stay there till he contracts infection and pass it on to you. Take your kids and leave and find your way.  Have come across a story on Linda Ikeji's blog on where a woman stayed in such marriage.  Her husband was a chronic cheater.  All he does is sleeping around with so many women.  The wife on the other hand decided not to leave him,  she stayed back and was praying for his repentance.  This man was busy living his wayward life.  He cared not about his wife. 

Do you want to know how this story ended?  Common sense will tell you it obviously didn't end in praise.  This woman was infected with HIV by her irresponsible husband.  That was when her eyes opened and she started seeking for solutions  . There are some kind of prayers God doesn't even answer and as far as am concerned,  the way forward to some unfaithful partner is leaving them behind if you see no atom of regret in them,  if not,  you will solely enjoy the disease they will pass unto you

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