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A little change in someone status in life can make or mare their friendship with others.  They will start behaving ill towards you.  They will forget how they even started.  I really have a little experience in what am about to say.
I attended same secondary school with this girl.  We were really close pals.  I remember vividly the time in School that whenever we go for recess,  I'd rush to school canteen together with her. We'd buy all the edibles our money can afford and dash back to the classroom to share everything together. It was a nice i must say.

There was a day in school we went out together to buy things as usual,  we briskly walked over to where the lady selling abacha (African salad) was,  this woman collected her money but forgot to dish abacha to her and many students were there clamoring for same thing. So after much struggle,  the crowd thinned out a bit and she now decided to ask this lady about her abacha.  This lady denied collecting money from her.  All our explanations to her fell on deaf ears.

 You wouldn't blame the lady that much because students have showed her pepper.  They have actually dealt with her.  They usually take advantage of the lady by saying they have paid her when they haven't.  But on this case,  my girlfriend really paid.  We were just there staring at the woman after our failed attempt to convince her we paid.  We stood there haplessly like say our lives depends solely on the abacha. There was nothing we could do,  she was way bigger than the two of us combined together.

 As we stood there hungrily looking at her like Lions, a crazy thought entered  my mind.
I called my girlfriend one side and stupidly whispered something into her ears.  Wanna know what I told her?  Lolz.  Anyways,  I told her we can actually snatch any abacha she will tie for Someone and run away,  since she can't find us,  she doesn't know our class either and there's no way she will leave what she was selling to come running after us.  So we agreed on that and went back there.  As soon as she tied another  N50 abacha for someone,  we counted 5(five), snatched it and ran away.

 How we escaped from the punishment of such behavior is still beyond my comprehension till date.
What am saying in essence is this. We were so close back in school that they started calling us "everlasting friends " , but what happened after secondary school????  She stopped talking to me because she gained admission to study medicine in UNN.  Been that Jamb didn't favor me the first sitting,  I had to stay back at home to repeat jamb.  And as God wills,  I became successful in my second attempt.  Everything totally changed . She believed she has finally landed herself into some group of happening babes. that was how she erased whatever memory we had as best friends.

There was a time I went as far as collecting her new number from a pal that knows her,  called her and after explaining myself,  she dropped the call on me saying she can't remember who I am.  Someone I was friends with from J.S.S.1 till I wrote WAEC.  For over six good years. 
Her case wasn't even because of money,  her case was that of pride.  She believed we ain't in same level again.

Then let's spiral this around. Imagine if this girl had actually touched money. What if she really acquired some wealth,  imagine what her actions would have been. she probably would have done worst than this.

People are just that way in life.  When their lives turns for the better,  they practically forget the people they started with,  it's even when you don't have much that you will know who your true friends are.

When our status change. Only a very few remembers how life was and who was always by their side in the most painful situations , they will forget those times someone helped them up. 
This is very bad and people with this kind of attitude and mindset really need to change for the better.

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