Most Exiquisite and gorgeous Mohawk braids for Women

The mohawk is a top hairstyle for men and women. Originally one is supposed to shave the sides of their head, leaving a barely strands of hair, running from the center of your forehead to the back of your head. Today the original version of the mohawk has been revamped by women folk  leaving basically a classy style of it all.  We have other genius types of this hairstyle, for example, the faux hawk, that actually has the same idea but looks much more appealing, because no shaving is required. Below are various styles of Mohawk braids collected for you. Check them out...

Spice up braids by adding in a fun color like blonde color. If it isn’t your thing, go for a bold turquoise or a hot red. The longer your hair, the more room there is to play around with color – but short haired gals can still get in on the Mohawk fun.

The side intricate designs and patterns looks more complex but can be pulled off by any stylist.

Simple side cornrows braids , to make the face dazzle , going for an O'channel earring wouldn't really be a bad notion.

This Mohawk combines the traditional edgy style with intricate braids inspired by African hair trends. Medium to thick hair will fare well with this ‘do, but thinner-haired ladies can pull it off, too – it will just look less voluminous. 

The sleek Ghana weaves by the sides made this look more daring, gorgeous and very appealing. Its usually entails one to pass through painful butts before this can be the out come

The chunky braided up do defies all odds of simplicity. The top done in twiat  pattern just made it look very gorgeous and princess-like

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