Most stunning mohawk hairstyles you wouldnt wanna miss

One thing to note about traditional or let me say original mohawk is that one is expected to shave entirely the sides of your head, leaving some stripes of hair running from center of your forehead down to your back. 

Apparently mohawk braids are always unique and usually gives out a very daring look to the wearer. Some ladies with enough guts will still shave off their head sides and maybe tint the remaining ones. Another modern way to rock a mohawk which is actually referred to as faux hawk is by weaving up your head sides in an updo manner instead of shaving the hairs off. 

This cute mohawk braid on mother and daughter is absolutely stunning and depicts the modern mohawk style. Another thing to note about mohawk is that its more appealing and better than the part where you have to shave off your hairs.

Mixing up color while craving for your spontaneous mohawk hairstyle isn't really a bad idea. I mean spicing up your mohawk braids just to look more stunning and to also apply much color to your cheekbones. The best part of mohawk braids is that it tends to reveal your cheekbones and probably your beautiful jawline, simutaeneously creating volume at the top.

Before one could go on and venture in this kind of hair do, its particularly okay to make sure it  will fit you,r face as this hairstyle doesn't really bode well on round or typically squared faces. This is because you need to cover your sides with curls or maybe part of your braids. Whichever way, rocking a mohawk hairstyle is like going for an adventure with much vibes.

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