Mum of murdered April Jones wants to meet sick killer face to face in jail

The mum of murdered April Joneswants to meet the schoolgirl’s vile killer face to face to find out what happened to her daughter.

Coral Jones says she is plagued by thoughts of ­confronting ­paedophileMark Bridger, who was jailed for life.
She told how anguish over what were the five-year-old’s final moments have driven her to the brink of suicide.
Coral, 44, has been ­diagnosed withpost-traumatic stress disorder and had a breakdown last month. 
Delving into her thoughts about a visit to Bridger, she told the Sunday People:“It’s something I have to do. I know it will be really hard. I’ll want to hurt him. I already have fantasies of pouring acid over him.
“I’ll want to make him suffer, to do to him what he did to my little girl but I’ll have to restrain myself because unleashing my anger will only make me feel bad afterwards.
“I want to know the truth no matter how horrific it is. I’m April’s mum and I owe it to her to find out.”
Doctors say Coral’s stress case is more severe than those of Army ­veteransfrom war zones.Evil Mark Bridger was jailed in 2013
But in an extraordinary display of courage, the mum is determined to meet Bridger, 49, in top-security Wakefield prison, West Yorks, for ­answers on April’s final moments and where her body is.
She said: “I admit I’ve been suicidal. What mum could cope with the thoughts I have inside my head?
“But when I think of April’s last ­moments the picture in my head is so awful that I can’t imagine he could say anything that could possibly be worse.
“We know April died a horrific death but I suppose I’m just hoping that it wasn’t as horrific as I’ve imagined at my lowest points.”
April was just five years old when she was murdered

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