What came to my mind the day I composed this little poem is what I really can't explain till now.  So I posted this on facebook , I typed in directly not like I made use of my notepad or diary or some other things. 
So people were practically telling we all must pass through rough paths before succeeding.  Some even went as far as saying this was one of the best piece they've read so far about life trials.  Anyways,  there's nothing spectacular about this,  it's just something that came to my head and I decided to put them down immediately.  Funny enough,  some people even copied it without knowing the reason why I wrote that.  But what's always pricking my body any time someone copies me is the fact they won't dare give credit to the writer  . Mehn!  That could be crazily painful.  The poem below
MY World Of Trials
To the Universe I came alone,
Trials hover around ,
Turning me all round,
Training me to be but strong.
Impact on lives I should make,
Leaving traces of good works,
Imprinted in the hearts of many,
Just to better my fellow race.
Trials I cannot avoid,
Its Byzantine nature in void,
Only should make me boil,
But Calm my spirit will be.
Regret me not Oh Universe!
Am here to conquer,
Your intrigue I will not fear,
For this World's Trials I must
Ummmmm,  just like I said earlier,  nothing special about this,  just some words that came to mind.

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