I almost fell down as I watched this man in awe. Was perplexed on how big someone could allow his tummy grow...I tried to figure out how he was doing that but it was really beyond my comprehension.
Incredible!!! What was this man doing that his tummy got so big to the extent of his using it as a writing desk in bank??? I still don't understand this....Or is this part of God's miraculous deeds on him ??And he didn't even send anybody....I was busy running helter skelter, looking for where to place my deposit slip in order to write while this man quietly sat down on a long seat, brought out his deposit slip αи∂ gladly placed this stuff on his tummy to fill in the teller.His tummy is that big. A young man of at most 45years.  Quite appalling and very bad.

Dear Nigerian men,

Please what happened to emulating the likes of Buhari and Obama in terms of weight watching???Why can't y'all train yourselves to be physically fit??? Men are of the idea that only their wives should look good forgetting that what's good for the goose is also good for the gander....
Imagine if there was fire outbreak in that bank, before this man am talking about would have lifted his body (big tummy) to run, others would have left the bank premises.. He can never run in such condition....Its ok to drink beer or the likes of it...But please if you are among the ones that will gulp 6 bottles of beer within 30 minutes, please minimize it to just 3 bottles...Too much of everything is bad... Even the bible noted that. Or should Is it that (Men ) now wants to take the responsibility of  birthing from the ladies? If that's possible, we will gladly oblige. we won't refuse at all..But the issue of your having big tummy, and then walking beside your pregnant wife, will make people wonder whether you and your wife are both pregnant.

Its appalling to see a young guy of 27 having such tummy... Very terrible and so uncalled for.  Its just so uncalled for... I see that as lack of self discipline...Discipline yourself even with what enters your mouth.....Don't be surprised if one day, your 3year old daughter or son will come to query if the pic he/she is looking at was when you were pregnant with him/her....Please ...just watch it. Its really getting out of hand!‪


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