Psquare Fans give mixed reactions to group's separation

Most people who encouraged the move of the group to end their partnership have a liking for Mr. P, who has more fan popularity.

The separation of group,Psquare, was predicted and has now come to pass with singer,Peter Okoye, announcing his new stage name (Mr. P), alongside a new management. There has been a massive build-up to this, starting from the disagreement concerning brand mismanagement, where Peter Okoye again, accused the group's manager and brother,Jude Okoye of not properly managing the group.

This led to a lot of Twitter rants and comments from fans of the group. With the fresh news of separation coming out this week, the fans have their say once again. In a show of support, a fan congratulated Peter on Twitter, further confirming her appreciation of the singer's talent and urged him not to be bothered about any distraction.

This whole is rubbish,  there's nothing that works more than team.  Hope they realize this sooner or people will tell about "the rise and fall of Psquare.

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