Reasons Why Braids are Preferable

Researchers said that braids were “in fashion” even 2000 years B. C.  If they have survived till our time, then it simply means there's definitely something very special about them or don’t you think? No wonder, every year world-famous designers experiment with braids at fashion shows.

Apart from what the researchers said,  when we look into our daily living with braids,  you will notice they are less stressful to maintain than other hair extensions.  There's no such thing as trying to brush out tangled hair,  imagine waking up in the morning on a very good day and you discovered your gonna be late for work,  there won't even be enough time to standing a couple of hours in the mirror trying to see how you are gonna pack your hair,  the style to apply to accentuate your look.  If it was braids,  all you really have to do is just remove your hair net or scarf depending on the one you use,  spend less than 30 minutes just to give little finishing touches to it,  such as applying little gel to your hairlines to brush in the tiny hairs falling out of face,  and off you go.

Another thing is that one tends to look smarter in braids.  There's no inconvenience accompanying hair braided styles.  You can even tuck it in an Updo style especially in a very harsh weather conditions. 

Looking at the girl in the pic, we can literally see how smart she looks in her simple Cornrows braided style.  There are just so many advantages associated with braided hairstyles that simply makes it an all time unique exercise.

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