Shocking photos show naked caretaker 'attempting to rape female pupil' on school grounds

Pic shows: Hou attempts to rape the victim. Shocking photos have emerged from a Chinese high school where one of the faculty members stripped naked and reportedly tried to rape a pupil. The viral photos show the employee naked and hugging the female victim from behind while pupils look on in horror.

Reports from Lingshan County, in South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said that the 30-year-old suspect, surnamed Hou, worked as a caretaker for Taiping Middle School’s laboratories.
Hou is said to have stormed out of a school building unclothed, after which he picked out a female pupil at random and began ‘harassing’ her.

As at least six other schoolboys stood watching in shock, Hou pushed the victim against the exterior wall of a classroom while she screamed for help.

Pic shows: Hou attempts to rape the victim.

Near by teachers soon intervened and helped subdue Hou, who had been employed by the high school for a number of years.
Local authorities then detained Hou, who reportedly has a history of suffering mental illness.
The specifics of Hou’s illness were not mentioned in reports.

A police spokesman said: "The suspect appears to have been suffering from mental disorders since 2011, but doctors said he would have been fine if the illness had not returned in two years."
The victim reportedly did not suffer any physical pain, but will be referred to a psychiatrist for possible emotional and psychological trauma.
It is currently unclear whether Hou will be immediately relieved of his position at the school following the incident.

Uk Mirror

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