Dear Accounting and Finance,
Why in the world did I choose to trail your path???
Was I in a state of enchantment???
Was it that something bewildered me and clog my sense of reasoning???

On a better note,  do I clearly have any business with you??
Oh!  Was it insanity that forced me into your rail?
I flipped through the pages of my journal,
Have searched word to word in it,
This was the journal i'v had since my basic education...

Can't even see your name on it...
Or  someone actually eliminated the page I had your name while my eye lids were enjoying the sweetness of rest???

Nope,  I literally can't be that dumb...
I recall vividly how I gladly broke my pen after writing you in WAEC,
I remember been so mad at you that day for reasons best known to me.
I was very cocky and overly confident that I would never meet you in my life again.
My friends laughed so hard their ribs almost cracked...
There was no way I'd look at your face again. 
That's what I told myself. 
Was extremely glad to have gotten rid of you...

Then  I was on my own,
Seriously minding my business and J. A. M. B.  came.
I studied  very well. 
I knew in my heart I was gonna go for law or Literary studies in the  University.
I have always had this urge right from my ancient days.
That overwhelming urge. 
The one that made me keep tab of every new word I came across.
Have always wanted to be a writer.
My first inspirational book was done immediately after my S. S. C. E.

I remember writing in my old journal about an autobiography.
Was gonna write one before I finish up with my Tertiary Institution.
Vibrant me told herself.
But Nigerian Educational System changed all that for me...
Mum yelled I shouldn't go for law.
Dad too said same thing... 
What's English and Literary studies???  
When your friends are going for Medicine,  Accounting etcetera.  
You can't study Law because Lawyers are Lairs.

It's better you go for a less-competitive course,  or else you'd be stucked In the house again,  my sister muttered under her breath.  
No encouragement from anybody to stick to my passion.
I decided to take their opinion.
I wrote jamb.
My Score was tremendously awesome, above 250
Post utme came,  I scored another.
This time it was 84 out of 100.
I know I would Have  been offered Law or English and literary studies because I merited it.
My scores were good, but I already changed  my law to Accounting.

That was how I got stucked with you.
Do I really have a choice again if not to just develop passion for you?
I Tried so hard.  The major thing was to come out with a good result.
I scaled through. I left my passion for you.  
I left my love and trailed your path.
Now i'm done with you.
And a 2nd class upper division was my reward.

I'm not regretting trailing your path dearest Accounting..... 
But for surety,  i'm regretting something
I regret forgetting my root,
I regret the fact that I allowed you feed me with debit and credit.
I regret allowing you feed me with partnership accounts and likes of it.
I regret not been good with literary words again,  it's now accounting or nothing.
But I wanna promise you one thing,
One of my unborn kids will get my writing skills.
He/ she won't force it because it' will be inherent.
And I won't allow my mistake to be repeated.
And in as much as i'm stupidly stucked with you,  i'm gonna make the best outta you. 
Will follow your path till your end.
I'm already in,  i'm not backing out.
Yes I won't so have that in mind.

Now i'v bared my heart to you, 
I just wanthink to close my eyes and allow sweet sleep to overwhelm my spirit.
Good night dearest Accounting.
I really need to sleep.

                                                                                         Yours sincerely

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