How the little boy was saved from the cold hands of death by a good woman

This is Hope.........
The little  boy that was branded a witch in Uyo......
The first time I saw the picture where he looked so healthy,  it really got me thinking..........
You know if we as humans practically think before carrying out an action,  trust me,  there are so many acts we won't even be committing.

I was like"so this little boy that was branded a witch in Uyo didn't kill this lady"......cos that what witches are known for. His people abandoned him to die just that way,  all thanks to the Spanish lady that came to his rescue..........
On a clearer perceptive,  there's no Naija person that won't see this lady as an irresponsible person.  You know why?  Because of the several tattoos on her body.  But just see how she turned to be God instrument in saving this child's life.  And yes,  she adopted him.
He just kept adding flesh to his former skeletal looking self....... And see how chubby and fine he looks.Does it mean this woman prayed him out????She didn't......She picked him up and showed him care.
She didn't discriminate
She didn't think religion
Tribalism obviously didnt come to her mind
All she wanted was to bring back life into him
She extended her hand of care
A kind heart that we all should possess
Now can you see the result???????
A healthy looking child
Tell me the reason why we shouldn't help ourselves out in this country.......When we will stop fighting each other and know that once you live to impact positively on lives, your simply contributing to a better society???To those still looking for a pastor to prophesy about their mothers been witches and obstruction to their successes, it's high time you left those pastors and start thinking right.
Be the light that shines for others to see.....

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