Three dead over stolen Chicken

Three people are allegedly dead and another person is seriously ill through voodoo acts, aka juju, due to their involvement in the theft of an old lady’s chicken.

The dead persons, who are all friends, are Kofi Kaya, Prince Osei and Solomon Abanga. The seriously ill person is Stephen Ampem.They reportedly stole the chicken of a certain old lady at Kwabena Ofori Town in the Atwima Mponua Area in the Ashanti Region.

The sad story which was aired on Ghana FM had it that the lady became furious when her chicken got missing.According to the reports, the old lady saw feathers of the chicken lying in the area, a strong indication that someone living nearby killed the chicken.The theft occurred in December of 2015 and the old lady quickly contacted a powerful fetish priest to punish the thieves.

She reportedly presented the feathers of the chicken to the fetish priest who then used it to perform some strange rituals.A few weeks after the rituals, three of the four friends, namely Kaya, Osei and Abanga, fell sick and died shortly afterwards.Stephen Ampem, who is the only survivor, is reportedly seriously ill and is battling for his life as his legs and stomach have swelled.

Family members of Ampem, in an attempt to save his life, took him to another fetish priest after they suspected his ailment was not of natural causes.The said fetish priest, after performing some rituals, disclosed that Ampem and his three other friends stole an old lady’s chicken and shereported them to a fetish priest.

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