Transgender woman dies after undergoing illegal backstreet bum implant surgery

A young transgender woman has died after undergoing illegal backstreet bum implant surgery. Friends said Yessika Hilton desperately wanted a more shapely rear but could not afford buttock implants from a professional clinic.
Instead, the 25-year-old paid for the plastic sugeryat an illegal backstreet clinic - in a garage in Colombia.

Yessika, from the small town of Florida in Colombia’s south-western Valle del Cauca Department, had polymers injected into her buttocks.

But as the injection was being administered, the chemicals leaked and spread around her body, causing cardiorespiratory failure.
The cowboy practitioners performing the operation realised something had gone horribly wrong and called an ambulance to the garage.

The young woman was rushed to the Colombia Clinic in the nearby city of Cali, but died hours later.
Yessika was a member of the Mesa de Genero Colombia (the Colombia Gender Board) - an organisation that unites activists fighting for gender equality.
Local LGBT community representative, Samuel Cano, said: "The intervention was done on Friday in an improvised garage. She was then taken to the Colombia Clinic in Cali where she died
Her friend, Jannysk Filigrana, posted on Facebook: "My friend, you were a great fighter for the rights to inclusion for all in our society.
"Today you are not here with us, but wherever you are, I will always remember you like a dear friend and I will never forget you."
Police are investigating the incident.

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