Trendy Ghana Weave Styles to Try out this Season (Photos)

If you are totally bereft of what Ghana braids to do, then checking out this Ghana weave styles will actually give you notion on what to do. All back Ghana weaves with curved pattern will fit particularly on a face with full front hairline. My kind of person won't blink twice choosing this hairdo as my front hair is over full.. Lolz, that's exaggeration. Check other ones too.

All back Ghana weave with slightly parted pattern. OK , this one isn't really bad at all and is suitable for all face type. Trying it out won't really be bad.

This is also another all back weave but the wearer packed it in an updo manner. And unlike the first one, this one isn't too tiny. It should be graded with medium braids. If you must rock this one, then nothing will limit you from doing so. Its an every lady's dream hairstyle.

The side curved patterns in this one gave a classic look. The wearer  ended the braids with twists showing the versatility of braid styles. You must not start with box braids and end the tips with it. Twisting is another spectacular way to end the finishing very well.

Simple Cornrows : this can be a little painful while it is been done but the outcome is usually worth the pains. Its all about relaxing and having your stylist do their things. Check the pic below to see the front view.

Front view of the simple cornrows

Mixing up colors : there's no particular that said your braid must be done with one colored extension. Most people are known for sticking with just black colored extension but adding a wine color will help spice up the look and what's obtainable afterwards. 

Now try out one of this braids and make heads turn.

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