Ihe Nke a Ini Edo yi  n'ahu bukwanu gini????   What's she wearing please?  You know she literally need to fire her stylist,  like seriously.  This is a day one is to look special and be in her best outfit  , you know why????  Because your there to see if you will be awarded , imagine if she was called to come pick an award,  she will probably step up there like a lost white horse they are dragging from behind..... Lolz.  Mehn!  This isn't cool. 

Then Kate Henshaw wore hers to go tell them our government is so not functioning well there's power outage in the country.  Forgot I wasn't there when she came out to present award,  almost jumped up from my sofa to go drag her back so she don't proceed to stage with that ugly thing she wore. 
Genevive Nnaji tried but her outfit lacked spark.  Dull color for her dress and then she couldn't bring the attraction to her face,  imagine if her hair-do was stylishly fabulous,  would have been much better. 
Abeg Dakore no try at all.  couldn't even look at her twice while she presented award to someone.  Na wa o. She looked tacky sorry to say but that's how I saw her outfit. 
Anyways,  it's still not easy,  but they would have done better than this.

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