Most times in life,  we often see ourselves complaining so much about what we don't actually have.  When we wallow in such thoughts,  we tend to completely forget that it isn't too good losing hope about life battles that we should win on our own.
Who isn't aware of how life could twist one about?  Who doesn't know all it entails to make it in life?????  What one need most times is following things and people that will inspire you.  Things that will keep you moving on,  stuffs that will make you not to lose it.........
We complain bitterly practically about everything but there are some facts we need to get into our minds.  If you have food in your fridge,  clothes on your body,  a roof over your head and a place to sleep,  you are richer than 75 per cent of the world. Some people can't even boast of three square meal a day. ... Some can't even think of changing numerous clothes,  and some still sleep in slum and yet they still keep hoping..... They keep trusting and one day,  things will turn out well for them.
You have money in your wallet,  a little change and can go wherever you wish to go,  you are among the 18 per cent of the world wealthy people....  Have you ever thought of those that can't walk???  The blind????  Have you ever imagined been in their situation????  You won't even dare.  Such things are what we barely think of,  or have you ever confided in someone how much you want to be crippled?  Or how much you wish to lose your sight?  So this is enough reason to keep hoping.  To keep trusting that things will get better for you!
If you are alive today with more health than illness,  you are blessed than the million people who will not survive this week.  It's not like predicting death for anybody,  but there are things that could be beyond human control...... So if you are among the lucky ones that survived death,  you should be more grateful to the maker of the universe than complaining so much.
And if you can actually read and understand this message,  then I daresay you are more fortunate than the 3billion  people  in the world who cannot see, read or suffer mental disorders. 
Life isn't about complaining  pain and sorrows,  it's about a thousand reasons to be grateful for the little you have.
Am just gonna stop at this juncture.......

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