Beauty blogger claims rubbing a sliced ONION on her face makes the hair grow faster

A beauty blogger has shared a video in which she rubs a sliced onion onto her eyebrows and claims it promotes growth. However, make-up guru Farah Dhukai - who has 439,000 Instagram followers - who posted the short clip to her Instagram page, has divided opinion, with many fans voicing their concerns that their faces will smell afterwards. In the caption underneath the Instagram post, which received 60,000 likes and 9,500 comments, Farah says: 'Onion juice has sulphur which speeds up the growth of hair and makes it thicker.' Who else has tried this out biko? I know the research I carried out said it can be used to remove dark spots from the face but hey! The smell couldn't allow me practise it for 1week, I literally gave up. Guess its high time I tried again...


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