Blac Chyna is trying for baby with Rob to become 'most famousKardashian of them all' - and she wrote down all the SECRETS ex-BFF Kim told her, reveals author

Ian Harperin, daily mail writer reveals how the curvaceous model Blac Chyna has vowed to become the most famous Kardashian of them all - supplanting even former BFF and now sworn enemy, Kim.

According to him, Blac Chyna is still something of a reality TV enigma - but she could soon be its biggest and most brazen star.Just a few years ago she was a complete unknown, flaunting her curvaceous body in strip clubs while trying to catch the eye of minor rappers.Today she is on the brink of becoming a fully-fledged Kardashian - with a ruthless 'master plan' to marry Rob and supplant Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Co. as the family's most famous member.

Well,  let's see how that will harm.  Pictures below are the men Chyna dated before been engaged to Rob. 

He said he tracked down Chyna's former stripper friends who told him she was as well-known for the scale of her ambitions as she was for her raunchy moves.'Chyna was a stunning woman on a pole, clearly with jet-set aspirations,' recalled one of the girls, Trixie. 'There was no way she was going to end up working in a strip club the restof her life.'

Another dancer, Gigi, remembered Chyna as 'excessively wild' and said she was willing to do just about anything to raise her popularity and make money.'Back in the day she turned every trick in the book. And she definitely loved to swing both ways,' Gigi told me.'Chyna was all business and if this meant taking a woman into the back room and pleasing her, there was no problem.'She was making more money than anyone else in the club and could make up to 10k a night.'

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