Governor Oshiomhole builds school for IDPs in Edo

The Edo state government has built four blocks of classrooms for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at their camp in Uhogua, in Benin, Edo state. ‎The blocks of classrooms paved with marble, are complete with staff room, Headmaster’s office, ceiling fans, white boards and other conveniences.

Speaking during an inspection of the newly constructed classroom at the IDP camp, the state governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, emphasised that the children living in the camp must acquire education to properly navigate through the rigours of life, adding that failure to do so would have implications for the future.‎“If you look at these buildings, you look at the floor, you look at the glass, everything, for the next decade, all we need is to clean and maintain, and the kids in this kind of classrooms will behave according to the feeling of their environment. 

They will feel privileged and act decently. Except the child decides otherwise, hehas every incentive to want to go to school, to remain at school. The teacher is happy to come to work. He is proud of his office; he is proud of his classroom. He has a white board to use marker, the same marker they use in Japan, in America and in the United Kingdom.“My joy is that these our children whom God haschosen to live here will find that they are just as privileged as any other child. There are things we can’t do. We can’t blame their parents for most of them who have been orphaned. There isnot much we can do about that, but we can give them the comfort that a child with parents can have. God will then take care of the rest, he said.  More pics... 

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