Just for Laughs!!! Chec them out, quite hilarious...

This one is Buhari's fault,  the man has finished us in this country I swear... 

Lmao,  this babe probably shacked weed or shasha

Some Exs can be devilish you know,  lolz

Pls what does whoever wrote this have in mind?  Cos I truly don't have an idea..... Not at all..... Lol

I won't even waste time in banking the cash,  Lolz..... I sound quite evil right?  The old man don die now so no need trying to bring him back.  It will be so pointless 

What do these ppl mean na???? 

I will help her out but I will still take the money along...  That's how it's done... 

Na fuel scarcity dey cause.  Buhari and his change agenda too

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