Most Stylish Mohawk hair-dos with side Cornrows (Photos)

Mohawk hair-dos are usually one of the most stylish hairstyles that makes one more daring and gorgeous at same time. Its not an hairstyle that can even be done by ordinary or a random hairstylist. It takes time and patients for one to be able to attain this look.

Originally, mohawks hairdo are to be done when the side hairs are completely shaved off leaving hair in a topknot manner.
The side braided mohawks has been in modern times of hair braiding, when stylishly coifed by a good hairstylist, it simply gives a terrific look. It can be done with any color hair extension.
It can be done with just black color depending on which color that fits best. 
When done in an afro-like manner, the final look will even be more stunning.
Or probably drawing out nice patterns in a Ghana weave manner. 
When its just side braided, using a big O'channel earring will do the magic in giving you a very natural and gorgeous look.

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