Nigerian man with both male and female sex organs cries out for help (photos)

A certain Nigerian man, Oluwaseun Samuel Fajilade, with both male and female sex organs, has cried out for help over his plight. According to the Divine Favour Foundation, which is currently handling his case, Fajilade is 29-year-old and hails from Ekiti state.

According to the report, he was born a male but started developing breasts like that of a female between the ages of 12 and 15. Also reports claimed that Fajilade subsequently noticed a woman’s private part (vagina) growing alongside his manhood. However, he does not experience the normal menstrual flow as a woman, hence, sees himself as a man. 

Source: daily post

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  1. That is nothing someone will not see in dis world.
    The man beside him(her) does he have the same problem or is he just grabbing d opportunity of being popular?