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Pictures of the first Gorilla born by Caesaren Section in the UK

Tender moment: Baby Afia, a western lowland gorilla, stayed cosy in a zookeeper's fleece as she took her first breath of fresh air
 Seven-week-old Afia, the first gorilla born by caesarean section in the UK, blinked in the bright sunshine but looked contented as her keepers began familiarising her with the British climate. See more pictures...

Lucky: Afia

Mother: Kera the gorilla
Round-the-clock care: The seven-week-old gorilla, pictured at 11 days old, is doing well after intensive treatment from the zoo team

Emergency treatment: The team at Bristol Zoo performed a UK first when they delivered Afia by emergency caesarean section, pictured

Milestone: The gorilla's introduction to the outdoors proves she is becoming stronger and more confident

Cosy: Afia snuggles up yesterday

Cheeky face: The then six-week-old gorilla was seen sticking her tongue out as the zookeepers looking after her tickled her tummy

 Happy baby: During a tender moment with one of the zoo workers who are hand-rearing the gorilla, the then six-week-old even giggled


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