Romantic college student spends ALL of his financial aid on a surprise couples' trip to Thailand for his girlfriend, who had never left the country

When one 22-year-old was awarded $2,500 in financial aid by his school, he didn't put it toward pricey textbooks, a backpack, or even a new computer for writing papers. Instead, the young man basically said 'YOLO' and blew the entire thing on a romantic vacation with his girlfriend.

Brandon, 22, was given the financial aid check by his Los Angeles-area college to use for school supplies, but decided to find the cash for spring semester textbook some other way, instead spending the money 'like a boss' on a ten-day trip to Thailand to surprise his girlfriend of a few months.He also brought along a camera to flaunt his spending, putting together a home movie of the couple checking off their bucket list dream of 'traveling the world with someone you love'.  See pictures of their trip below

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