See the 13 year Old Chinese girl that married an 18 year old boy three days after meeting him

16-year-old Cai and 17-year-old Ming dated for three months before they got married in 2013. Now they live with his parents who support them financially - his mum does most of the child care and even breastfeeds to baby to comfort him when he cries
Jie was barely a teenager when she got married just three days after meeting her 18-year-old husband Wen. They met at a Spring festival while the 13-year-old was visiting Wen's family when her husband-to-be insisted she stay and become his wife. Unaware of birth control, the teen wife was soon pregnant and dropped out of school - a fate similar to an increasing number of child brides in rural China.

16-year-old Xiao Cai holds her two-month son at home in Guangdong village, Mengla county, Yunnan province, China. Xiao Cai has been married for one year. She dropped out of school in the 5th grade because she could no longer afford to go

13-year-old Xiao Jie married her 18-year-old husband just three days after the pair met. They now live at his parents home - who work more than 1,000 miles away to earn money to support them. Above, Jie looks out of a relative's bedroom in Wanhe village, Yunnan province

Sociologists say young marriages in rural parts of China are historically common, but are increasing again in part thanks to the lifting of the one-child policy. Above, 13-year-old Jie's wedding photo hangs on their wall

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