Soldiers rescue 275 hostages,kill 15,destroy bomb-making factory

SOLDIERSon counter terrorism operationin the North East have destroyed more Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), factories and camps belonging to members of the Boko Haram terrorist group.The soldiers from 152 Task Force Battalion and their counterparts from Sector 1 of Multinational Joint Task, also killed 15 members of the terrorist group and rescued 275 persons held hostage by the terrorists.

One of the rescued persons, a woman, was delivered of a baby boy shortly after her liberation, and doing well as she is being taken care of by the army medical team. Acting Director of the Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani, Usman, who made this known in Abuja, said the soldiers, who have been carrying out a clearance o peration in suspected hideoutsof the terrorists also recovered various weapons, including two power generating sets, welding machines, assorted  batteries, solar panels among other tools.

Usman, in a statement, listed some of the areas cleared by the soldiers to include Madawaya, Jere, Kardile, Koujili, Ngenere,Maksamari, Douse, Bembem, Zombulum and Taraji villages.He also said several operational vehicles and motorcycles of the terrorists were recovered.

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