Trader, 24, killed himself by jumping onto roof of speeding train after he failed job interview

An ambitious self-employed trader killed himself by jumping onto the roof of a speeding train after failing a job interview in London.Josh Sanchez-Maldonado, 24, was last seen jumping onto the train near Feltham station, in west London, before he hit a bridge and died from chest and head injuries.The Californian was found a week later by a caretaker at a local school who saw his body lying in undergrowth by the tracks.

Mr Sanchez-Maldonado had been receiving therapy at home following the break-up of a long-term relationship six months before, an inquest at West London Coroner's Court heard.He had gone travelling and had applied for jobs, landing an interview in London where he had aspirations to work in the stock market.Giving evidence his heartbroken father Jose Sanchez said: 'Josh was more than a son to me. Josh was my best friend

Josh was a person who cared a lot about family, about his friends, and he helped a lot of people.'And that was witnessed by when we buried him. There was a lot of people attending, friends, families, teachers.'He was such a loveable person and he always had some goals in mind. He always had a plan, and a contingency plan in case that one didn't work.'He worked hard at school. He woke up very early every day, because he was interested inthe stock market. He was interested in the UK stock market.'

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