15 Best Black braided hairstyles for every woman

Black braided hairstyles has been in fashion over the years and they are one of the loveliest ways to protect hair from damaging. With careful selection , one will be able to find one that will suit them. Black braided hairstyles are usually very comfy to the wearer and hands an astonishing look. It saves the stress of daily styling of hair over the months. Black braided hairdo ranges from Marley Twist, big box braids, ghana braids, black braided updo, cornrows and many others. The nicest thing about hair braids is that stylist sprung with new ideas particularly everyday. These hairdos will only make your look classic and chic.

1.Marley twist with white knitted finishing

2. Marley twist with blue colored extension

3. Marley twist with side Ghana braids

4. Black braided updo

5. Marley twist with little white colored extension

6. Short big box braids with white extension

7. Crochet updo

8. Long Big box braids

9. Long Marley twist

10. Long box braids with crochet design

11. Long Marley twist with thin finishing

12. Big box braids in an updo braided style


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