20 beautiful bald hairstyles for Women (photos)

 I picked Amber Rose's because she's a public figure and has been known for the ways she confidently rocks her bald haircut.  For one to be able to pull off this kinda hairstyle, your really have to be bold.
Shaving off hair and going completely bald take tremendous courage and mega confidence. It's not what you wake up one sunny morning and decide to do . Beside going bald, what makes it more beautiful is wearing the hairstyle with the right attitude. Check out the beautifully styled haircut selected for you. It isn't all bald, there's buzz haircut too.


  1. Some can make me to cut my hair while some will make me hv a second thouht

  2. lolz, but you know you will look good on bald?

  3. Those women are beautiful, but they are not bald. If you can call it hairstyle, then it is not bald. I have alopecia and I am bald, unwillingly. I don't mean to be offensive, and I see that articles like this are trying to boost the self esteems of people who are bald (unwillingly), but they are making me feel worse about being bald because I didn't get the choice.

    1. Just remember that it’s only hair and it doesn’t define you or your beauty! You are beautiful either way 💞

  4. You can always rock your bald head with confidence if you want, it's all about you, self-love first before any other thing. So my take? I'm not offended but you can send me your pic and see what I'm going to come up with... I love it when people feel loved