25 Gorgeous Twist braids style to try out this season

Twists are a top favorite technique in black hairstyles, along with braids. Twists allow extending your natural hair, attaching anything from quality commercial strands to dreadlocks. Some women lacks ideas on how to opt for a particular hair braids and this usually end in doing same old style over and over again. 

The diversity of twists knows no limits. You can style chic, sophisticated hairstyles for special occasions or rock your twists every day in simple and effortless ‘dos. There are little tricks to know about twists. The larger your facial features are, and the fuller your figure is, the thicker your twists can be.  Besides a beautiful twist style, sometimes a color can make a world of difference. Bring drama and uniqueness to your style by introducing some strands of a contrasting color, while keeping others the natural dark hue. Below are 25 best ways whereby one can confidently rock her twist braids while maintain her gorgeous looks.

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