A female preacher of RCCG murdered during morning envangelism

A female pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and mother of seven, Mrs. Eunice Elisha, was on Saturday morning killed by unknown assailants while preaching around the Gbazango-West area of Kubwa, a satellite town in the Federal Capital Territory.

Elisha, whose birthday was just a couple of weeks away, was stabbed in the stomach and she also had a cut in her neck.
The 42-year-old woman was a deaconess at the Divine Touch Parish of the RCCG, Old NEPA Road, Phase 4, Kubwa.
The RCCG preacher was found dead in a pool of her own blood with a copy of the Bible, a megaphone and a mobile phone.
She was found dead by residents who alerted policemen who came to evacuate her remains to the police station where her husband went to identify the body.
Speaking to journalists at their residence, Eunice’s husband, Mr. Olawale Elisha, who is also a pastor at the RCCG, said his wife had gone out to preach in the neighbourhood around 5 am only for him to hear the report of her murder.
Elisha, who looked pensive and dejected, said, “My wife always went out early in the morning for ‘Morning Cry’ (evangelism). There was a particular day she went out and she told me that there was a mosque at the back where they commented about what she said. So I just cautioned her.
“This morning (Saturday), she went out around 5 am and I was still in bed because we had a vigil which she participated in for a short while because of the ‘Morning Cry’ she planned to undertake. Two of my boys are footballers, thus, they went to the football pitch to play. And when they came back, they told me that they heard some footballers saying that some hoodlums had butchered a woman who was preaching early this morning.”
Following the report of his children, he decided to check if his wife was safe.
“When I heard this, wearing only a pair of shorts, we walked towards the area my son had said the incident occurred; we didn’t see anybody but we saw blood on the ground. I asked a policeman around and he said it was true but that they had taken the body to Phase 4 Police Station.
“I went to the police station with my children and when we got there, I saw the lifeless body of my wife at the back of a police van. She was later taken to a mortuary. The incident happened between 5 am and 5.30 am because she usually went out at 5 am and returned by 6 am,” the husband of the deceased said.
The FCT Police Command told the News Agency of Nigeria that it had arrested some suspects in connection with the killing of the RCCG preacher.

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