Check out the Double Braids hairstyle currently trending for African Women (photos)

 The hairstyle was first spotted in Nigeria on a Lifestyle blogger with name Dynamite Chic.  Some ladies on Instagram went drooling over the hairstyle and some begged vigorously to see the back view. She even went as far as connecting some of them to the stylist.
Then, the Benin Lady that almost exposed her nips was caught wearing the same hairstyle but the major cleavage she exposed on the picture diverted attention from her hairstyle to what she has on her chest. And there goes it, people have been opting for this particular hairstyle because of its sleekness and simplicity. More so it hands the wearer a very gorgeous and terrific look. You necessarily don't have to be quiescent when wearing this hairstyle because it's beauty speaks for itself. I made collection of about 25 different pictures of the said hairstyle,  just feed your eyes with them.  And before I forget, it's called double sided braids  , the finishing is done with application of gel by its side so the side scalp hait's won't look tattered.

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