My Client Satisfies me in bed more than my Husband - Monday R-Stories

I met my husband when we were 15 and we both believed we should wait until marriage before having sex. We got married on my 18th birthday and are now 21.
I hadn’t realised how immature he was until we started living together. He was lazy around the home and he thought I should wait on him.
He knew nothing about sex and expected me to do everything there too. I accepted it at first but I began to realise he wasn’t changing at all and had just got comfortable with how things were.
I tried because I believed in my marriage vows but things went downhill between us. We started having bad arguments and he blamed me, saying I was not a good wife. I feel like I am not in love with him any more. We had sex on our wedding anniversary three months ago. I did not want it but he said it is a wife’s duty. I felt used afterwards. We had a huge row and he left.
I soon realised I was short of money and a friend suggested joining an escort agency where she had done some work. I was shocked at first then thought it had to be worth a try.
The first man who booked me is great. He is 32 and very attractive. We had a lovely evening out then we had sex back at his flat. It was the best ever. I never knew sex could be that good. We have met again and he says he wants a relationship with me. He is everything my husband is not but I am confusedisappointed. 
My parents and in-laws want us to have marriage counselling and I don’t know what to do.

My advice???

This is one of the reasons why majority of the populace likes to "test the car" before buying as they termed it.
The issue at hand should be on how to make your marriage work and forget whatever happened with the client. For all I care, the man could probably be spinning you a line. He wants a relationship based on his last and you shouldn't fall for that.

Again, i'd go with your parents advice. Meet a relationship expert and you two should start counselling. When you bare your mind and your husband does same, I believe the shrink will be able to profer solution to what ever the issue is.

Another vital factor in any relationship is COMMUNICATION,  work on this, if you can't sit your man down and have a heart to heart talk with him on certain issues, then i'd guarantee you're heading to a fatal breakup.

There are books and movies on how to improve one's sex life,grab them and make sure you read or watch the sex videos with your husband, I bet he will surely improve.

It's better to face your problems squarely than to leave them and run...

My little advice ...

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